MARCUS FREESTONE: Music, Novels and Podcasts

A brief history of Marcus Freestone, Writer and Musician

I have been writing since I was sixteen which is now thirty years ago. I have been recording music for fourteen years which is now fourteen years ago.
I have published 5 novels in the "T14" series about a futuristic counter-terrorism agency, as well as two stand-alone novels, a few novellas
and several non-fiction books about psychology, philosophy and mental health.

I have made lots of music under different names and in very different styles, ranging from ambient and jazz to metal and industrial. My most popular, is "Space Music Industries", which is a mixture of ambient electronica and classic sci-fi soundtracks
(think "Forbidden Planet" meets "Blade Runner", "Quatermass" and early "Doctor Who").
I also make heavy guitar music under the name "Moscher" and my latest outfit "Industrial Sound Machine".

I also do two podcasts. One is a comedy show called "The Midnight Insomnia Podcast" which recreates the sound
of listening to the radio late at night by me getting drunk and improvising some bizarre and occassionaly worrying monologues.
The other is "Positive Thinking And The Meaning of Life" which grew out of the e-book of the same name, the free version
of which has has 100,000 downloads. It aims to unpick self-help myths and offer practical insights into the chaos that is the human brain
(or perhaps that's just me...). When not doing all that I drink a lot of tea, listen to podcasts and music and talk to myself.

My work can be found all over the place that is the world wide interwebs, including: