Positive Thinking and The Meaning Of Life Podcast

We discuss many varying aspects of psychology, philosophy and mental health and the whole awkward business of trying to be a human being.


Episode 28: Negative Thinking Part Five: Colin Wilson

Episode 27: Negative Thinking Part Four: Anxiety

Episode 26: Negative Thinking Part Three: Anger

Episode 25: Negative Thinking Part Two: Triggers From The Past and Subconscious Decisions

Episode 24: Negative Thinking Part One: Camus and The Myth of Sisyhpus

Episode 23: Jordan Peterson's Bible Lectures: How They Have Changed My Thinking Part Two

Episode 22: Jordan Peterson's Bible Lectures: How They Have Changed My Thinking

Episode 21: The Biology Of Depression and Stress

Episode 20: Is Depression Becoming More Widespread?

Episode 19: Identity Crisis and Jean-Paul Sartre

Episode 18: Dealing With The External World and The Forbidden

Episode 17: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Object Permanence

Episode 16: Gurdjieff and Self Remembering

Episode 15: P.D. Ouspensky and Negative Emotions

Episode 14: The Meaning In Life

Episode 13: Abandonment and My Recent Change Of Mind

Episode 12: Social Interaction Part 3 - Existentialism

Episode 11: Social Interaction Part 2

Episode 10: Social Interaction Part 1 

Episode 09: Consciousness Part 3

Episode 08: Consciousness Part 2

Episode 07: Consciousness Part 1

Episode 06: Overcoming Nihilsm

Episode 05: Dealing With Fear

Episode 04: My Response To A Christian Insult

Episode 03: Positive Psychology and Mental Health

Episode 02: Physician Heal Thyself

Episode 01: A Short Introduction

My other podcast The Midnight Insomnia Podcast is a comedy show accompanied by ambient music and varying levels of tiredness and intoxication.


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